What's New?

What’s New?

Stay in tuned with Lane’s Carpet. Here is where we’ll post new products, recent works and anything new that has to do with the business and the industry.

Maui Mall Theater

Here’s a quick look at our current work we’re doing right now at the Maui Mall Movie Theater.


Recent Work At The New Kihei Ross

Here’s a quick look at our latest work that was done in the new Ross located in Kihei.  Amtico 1′ x 1′ vinyl composition tile layed into a 2×2 pattern through the entire space.

We installed Mats Inc product entry mats with metal framework located at the front entrance. And the 6″ coverbas through the entire space is by Johnsonite product.


The Details Are In The Right Layout

Here’s a quick layout time lapse of our work and finish product pictures of our install using 6 ft wide rolled goods rubber sports floor with vinyl top. Seams are all heat welded.

Lane’s Carpet At The County Fair

I am so proud of my team…..this is our first time in 42 years of service on MAUI that we are bringing our showroom to the County Fair and I think our booth looks amazing!

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